I love everything about New York City, except for the living conditions. When I was asked to review the ESPY sea salt minerals, I worried for several days about how I would accurately review a luxurious bath product in my less-than-standard living conditions. Of my highest concerns was the fake tub. For reasons I would rather not think about, the dorm attendants have removed all of the plugs from the bathtubs and consequently restricted on of my favorite pastimes. For the past two months in New York, I lived my life as usual, forgetting about the bathtub injustice. Hey, I paid for a functioning tub! Last week, when asked to review the ESPY product, I could not continue in oblivion. Like a good summer internship, TheGloss was calling on me to confront these issues. I had to find a plug for my drain and I had to review these sea salts.

After experimenting with several circular shapes, I found the glass slipper to my collegiate Cinderella. She came in the form of an empty vitamin bottle cap. (I always knew vitamins had some long term benefit.) Without further hesitation, I slipped into my first NYC bath. While in the tub, I poured in a half lid full of the ESPY mineral sea salts into the water. In a matter of seconds, the water turned a light shade of sky blue. It was beautiful! I smelled a beachy, fresh scent coming from the water. By process of elimination, I assumed this must be the mineral sea salts. After twenty minutes of soaking in the water, I poured an extra quarter lid of ESPY salts into the bath, to get a last strong whiff of the lovely scent that had since faded. I missed taking baths.

ESPY’s mineral salts showed me two things. First, all you need for a bath is water and an ersatz plug. Most bath product commercials only make you think you need a gigantic tub with jets, candles, and sexy Italian men feeding you exotic fruit. Second, if you do want to feel like a princess inside your gloomy NYC building, add ESPY mineral sea salts to your bath. They smell like the inside of 5 star resort spa, and leave you feeling sparkly and radiant. Sorry, I don’t think they have the same effect if your building is also infested with bedbugs.