Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been fashion industry tycoons for so long that it’s strange to recall their New York Minute days–not to mention their Full House days, their Walmart days, and their ill-advised but delightful recording career days. Despite the odds, the Olsens have managed to pull off quite a power play and not only build a widely respected brand (The Row‘s Spring 2014 collection was particularly great) but establish themselves as unlikely style icons… loath as we are to use the term.

And that probably wouldn’t have happened without good hair, right?

Eh, just go with it: The Coveteur spoke with Mark Townsendthe man who cropped Jennifer Lawrence and the chief architect behind Olsen hair. First, he explains the steps to getting Mary-Kate’s fashionably disheveled look (it involves dry shampoo):

“Lately Mary-Kate has been into wearing her hair up in a top knot or in a low ponytail which I couldn’t love more on her, and we keep as much of her natural texture and wave as possible. I usually add a few drops of Dove Nourishing Oils Anti-Frizz Serum to her hair and let it dry naturally. [I then] spray dry shampoo on the roots for volume and texture and I’ll use a one-inch curler to touch up any waves that aren’t falling into place. Her biggest rule: no more than 5 hairpins ever and I MOSTLY stick to that!”

As for getting Ashley’s polished look, apparently the twin “takes really great care of her hair” and thus doesn’t require much work:

I always start by spraying Dove Nourishing Oil Care Detangler on her wet hair and blow dry with a round brush. I always use Spornette mixed bristle brushes – they are the absolute best. I am OBSESSED with the new Harry Josh Protools blow dryer – best one out there! Then, I loosely pin her hair into a low bun and let it set while she has make-up done. When I take out the bun, she has these great bends in her hair. I then spray Dove Dry shampoo on the roots and massage it in to create that amazing ‘second day’ texture in her hair.”

As for the final touches to getting your Olsen hair: after stocking up on all that Dove, dry shampoo and fancy equipment, it will also help to have millions of dollars in the bank and an on-call hair professional.

(The Coveteur)