Project Bush

As you may have noticed, I am not exactly shy about taking pictures of myself and putting them up for the world readers of a women’s blog on the Internet to see. But the thought of photographing my lady parts for people? Eh, that makes me a little more nervous. Nevertheless, I think the Project Bush photography idea launching on October 3rd is a pretty snazzy one.

According to the creative agency doing publicity, Mother London, Project Bush is attempting to photograph numerous women’s vulvas, eventually planning to put them all in a major public exhibition. Its website reveals their intentions:

Project Bush [is] a call to action for women to stand up to the pressures of modern society and present their bushes in all their glory. Whether waxed or never tended, young, old, black, brown or white, we want to display London’s lady gardens in all their variety, and demonstrate the choice that many young women –particularly – may not realise they have when it comes to waxing.

The project does not simply revolve around photographing women’s parts, however. They have been speaking to feminist groups regarding the issues surrounding female bodies, including the question that often arises when talking about pubic hair removal: What does it mean to be a feminist?

To me, being a feminist is about having the ability to make choices for your own body and not feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed of those decisions, or be mandated to make different ones. Sometimes, I shave or wax or sugar; often, I do not. All I really want is to not feel like my decision should require approval from anybody else. I think this project is a beautiful idea because it can open up multiple subjects for discussion:

  • Is there any “right way” a vulva should look?
  • Why are we sometimes ashamed of how ours look?
  • Why do some people feel they can make judgments for others?
  • How well does flash photography work on vulvas? (OK, OK, not this one.)

For those who are able to make it to the event, it’s on October 3rd at Mother London, 10 Redchurch Street, E1 7DD. Guests are invited to “have their bushes anonimously photographed by top photographer Alisa Connan,” so if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do at a party, now’s your shot!

[via Jezebel]