perfect blow out

It may be the middle of summer, but you still need to look pretty so men will pay for your dinner. Kidding! You need to look pretty so you can intimidate other women in the workplace. Obviously. One great way to do that is to have a perfectly maintained blow-out when everyone else looks like Hermione Granger. But how can you do that when you actually have to go outside? In the heat? Our friends at The Robert Stuart Salon offered these helpful tips:

1) Towel dry your hair very well.

2) Choose the right brush for your hair. For long hair, use a large, or even extra large, round brush. A vent brush (the kind where the barrel has holes) would be a good choice. For shoulder-length hair, a large round brush is appropriate. For shorter hair a flat brush will do. To achieve curls, use a small round brush. If you don’t have thick hair, or you have a sensitive scalp,  a wooden round brush would be better, as the barrel will not get hot.
3) The key to blow drying like the professionals do is to start at the root, and to pull the brush slowly and evenly. Take smaller sections than you normally might. Even when you think your hair is already dry, go over that section one or two more times. Many times the layers underneath are still damp, and this will definitely compromise the longevity of your blowdry.
4) Products: of course!  A light serum applied before and after blowdrying to smooth the final finish is a good idea. We recommend Pureology’s Super Smooth Smoothing Cream. The average amount recommended is  dime-sized. Another excellent finishing product is Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue (just use a drop!)
5) To prolong your blowdry – especially for all you people with oily scalp or hair – Shu Uemura just came out with a dry shampoo (in a convenient purse size).
6) And, if you really hate all that blowdrying, there is the Keratin Treatment. Look for the  GK Best product – it does not release formaldehyde and is OSHA compliant. It is guaranteed to remove the frizz, cut blow drying time in half and still retain the body and volume of your hair. And if you really do not want to blowdry ever again – try Thermal Reconditioning.