Halloween often inspires some unique trends. Besides increasing our interest in black lipstick and orange nail polish, the spooktacular holiday has spawned interesting trends like knife liner, slime liner and a ton of magical lip art. If you thought you’ve seen it all, just you wait, because glitter pumpkin butts are here for Halloween 2018.

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There are over 19,300 Instagram photos with the #pumpkinbutt hashtag. The difference between those and the latest viral trend is that the former typically involve people posing with an actual pumpkin over their butts, creating an appearance of an orange booty, similar to peach bums. With glitter pumpkin bum, your actual butt is turned into a pumpkin via a lot of glitter and a face design.

According to Marie Claire, the look was created by Go Get Glitter, a glitter brand with an Instagram account filled with all the unique ways one can wear glitter. They shared the pumpkin bum post a few days ago with the hilariously caption “twerk or treat” and it has unsurprisingly blown up.

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And just when you think that things can’t get anymore surprising, Go Get Glitter followed up the pumpkin butt with a bat bum. Behold: