hairroin-purple-ombre-hair-transformation-4If you’ve spent more than thirty seconds on The Gloss, you know that we’re obsessed with colorful hair, with a particular soft spot for the almighty purple. Just within the past few weeks we’ve written about purple hair dyes that give you the perfect shade of violet, lilac dye jobs that will convince you to go purple for spring, not to mention all our favorite celebrities who are currently rocking fabulous dusty pastel dye jobs—Hilary Duff, Ariel Winter, January Jones, Audrina Patridge…the list goes on. So naturally, I’ve been itching to try something new in the color department. Not to mention that my hair has grown out of its former lob glory, into a heavy, triangular mop, as you’ll see above. It was also raining and humid that day, so you’re really getting a taste of the frizzy hair hat at its finest. 

After spending hours perusing purple dye jobs, I knew I wanted a gray-ish dusty purple color that would compliment my dark brown hair. While I loved our editor Sam’s transformation from a brunette to a pale blondie with pink tips, I knew I couldn’t handle something with that much upkeep. I wanted to keep a dark base, and blend the purple in Demi Lovato style.

Enter Mr. Luis Payne, resident Hair God (also Artistic Director) at Hairroin Salon in NYC. Remember Luis? He’s the one who made Sam’s hair blonde last year! Here he is at work in Hairroin’s amazing vintage space.

hairroin purple ombre hair transformation 2If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a thousand times: if you’re going to make any major color changes to your hair, go to a professional. Sam can tell you that years of bleaching her own hair without fully knowing how to do it has had some seriously damaging effects. My initial consultation with Luis only confirmed that a professional is a must. He was so thorough, asking about anything I’ve ever done to my hair, scrolling through Pinterest with me for color inspiration, and taking notes so that when I came in for the actual appointment, we knew exactly what the plan was, how long it would take, and could get right to work. Glorious.

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He suggested a layered, choppy cut that would lighten up my look and actually complement my face rather than overpowering it. Great, done. (The benefit of going to a top-notch professional like Luis is that you can just say, “Do whatever you think will look good!” and have complete confidence that it will be fabulous.) So he started snipping away at my dry hair with its natural texture, so he could really get a sense of which pieces would curl in which way, what parts he wanted to be purple, and where the color “highs and lows” should be.

After the cut my head was feeling lighter already, and just as I was getting reacquainted with my cheekbones, the lightening process began. Luis was absolutely meticulous, separating my hair into small sections, backcombing the top portion to get a fluid ombre effect, painting the bottom with lightener, and delicately covering them in plastic wrap. By the end, my head didn’t feel so light anymore.

hairroin purple ombre hair transformation 6But that was for the best. Since my hair is very very dark, I had to chill in this contraption for about half an hour, with Luis continually checking to make sure my hair was lightening as he expected. Spoiler alert: it was. Luis then removed the foil and plastic wrap, guided me over to the sink, detangled all the backcombed knots, shampooed and conditioned me, and then gave me a quick power dry. The results?

hairroin purple ombre hair transformation 7Ahh! My facial expression is relatively controlled for the level of shock I was feeling at this moment. I mean, that’s a hefty amount of blonde, and I still couldn’t picture what my hair would look like with all those sections dyed purple. Luis went back through my hair section by section, massaging the purple dye into each piece, and going back through the whole thing three times to make sure it was going to be as saturated as he wanted.

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hairroin-purple-ombre-hair-transformation-9You guys. YOU GUYS. This doesn’t count as bragging because Luis is the artist, I’m just the canvas, but IT LOOKS EVEN COOLER THAN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED. Luis completely understood the look I wanted, and I think the brown flows into the dusty purple beautifully. Additionally, the piece-y layered cut complements the color and brings it all together. In conclusion, Luis = bae, and I obviously made him take a selfie with me.

hairroin purple ombre hair transformation 10The great thing about this dye in particular is that it will fade, but it will fade along the purple spectrum. And if I leave it long enough, it will become a white-gray blonde, which I am very much into. We planned for me to come back in a month to either re-color the purple or change it to a different dusty pastel color. (He has a mint color he’s been dying to try, and wants me to consider a “mint chocolate chip” look.) For now though, I’m just going to enjoy being a purple-haired badass. Here I am feeling super cool in different lighting.

hairroin purple ombre hair transformation 11And being a weirdo in the beautiful spring sunlight!

SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCWhat do you guys think?? Are you inspired to go purple this spring too?? If you need any more motivation, just check out Luis Payne’s Instagram, appropriately named @payne_is_beauty and then give Hairroin a call.  He grammed a nice before, during, and after shot of my transformation. Thanks again Luis! do you think, Gloss folks? Would you go purple for spring? Tell me in the comments!