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There are lots of versions of rainbow hair including hair colors inspired by sushi, metallic multicolored hair colors and dye jobs that look like oil slicks. The latest look to go viral courtesy of Selena Gomez is rainbow bangs.

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Selena recently uploaded a photo showing off her newly blonde hair. However, this time she had the addition of rainbow bangs and a cute cat ear headband. Many thought that the singer had actually dyed her bangs different colors, but it turned out the look was a hair piece attached to the headband. However, that didn’t stop people from wanting to copy the look.

A quick Instagram search reveals that rainbow bangs have been around for a while, but Selena has definitely helped everyone stop and take notice. The great thing about the look is that it can work with different hairstyles whether you have a straight, thick fringe or long, wispy bangs. The rainbow color can be applied all over the bangs or in one section.

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And if you don’t have bangs, you can always use the look as a jumping off point by dyeing your shorter front layers to frame your face or one section in the front.

Those who aren’t ready to permanently dye their fringe can play around with temporary hair colors and hair chalks. If you’re feeling festive, you might even want to consider sticking with a holiday color palette.