Rainbow Freckles(Photo: Instagram/Dominqueldr)

One thing that beauty lovers cannot get enough of is anything rainbow. Approximately 75 percent of our rainbow addiction comes from rainbow hair. That said, we can’t forget about ombre lips, multicolored nail art ideas, and the majority of eyeshadow looks on Pinterest. If something can get a rainbow makeover, it’s going to get it. That’s why one of the latest makeup trends taking over the Internet is rainbow freckles.

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You can participate in the trend whether you have freckles or not. You might cringe at the idea of someone drawing freckles on their face using eyeliner, but the photos might have you changing your mind. Plus, remember how it sure looked like Emma Stone drew on a few freckles at the 2015 SAG Awards? Hers might not have been rainbow, but if Emma is experimenting with a beauty look, it’s definitely worth the rest of us trying it out.

Rainbow Freckles 1

(Photo: Instagram/bunnii_fufu)

Pretty much anything goes for the trend. There are lots of inspiration photos and videos popping up on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Makeup artist @Dominiqueldr has plenty of inspiration. The best part is, any colored eyeliner will work. You can start off with a monochromatic look. You could go for an ethereal look with pastel shades, or you could embrace every color in the rainbow. Heck, you could even coordinate your rainbow freckles with your rainbow hair. And don’t forget about metallic and glitter liners.

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As for placement, let your creativity guide you. Doing a dusting of multicolored freckles along your nose and cheeks will always be a popular look, but we’re seeing a lot of people applying their rainbow freckles around the eye area as well. There are some looks that start at the lower lashes and continue out as an extension of the eye makeup. Some patterns are random like natural freckles whereas others form symmetrical patterns you won’t find in nature.

Rainbow Freckles 2

(Photo: Instagram/Dominqueldr)

And don’t underestimate the size of freckles. You can get a wide range of looks just by experimenting with size. You can use a super skinny brush to apply dots that are barely visible, and if you’re feeling bold, you can try larger dots. And who says that you even have to do perfect dots and circles? You could incorporate some designs from the eyeliner tattoo trend.

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Rainbow freckles might not be a trend that most of us can get away with at the office, but it would make a great going out look. Plus, it is something that would be fun at festivals. It is very easy to do and it will last almost as long as your Flash Tattoos.