In perhaps the Internet’s most justifiable collective crush, the people have nominated Rainer Andreesen, partner of actor Victor Garber (above) who is both gay — which apparently “everybody knew” but not really — and has better taste in men than any of us. Combined.

The Internet has been abuzz with photos, facts and gushing rants about Andreesen. Basically, he and Garber have been together for 14 years and split their time between Los Angeles and New York (am I the only one who feels like you’ve ‘made it’ when you can say you “splits your time between” two awesome cities?). Both Garber and Andreesen are Canadian, with the latter studying art and design at Capilano College in Vancouver. Now, he’s a portrait artist who sometimes paints his partner because that’s what the most wonderful significant others in the world do, dammit. And people actually buy his paintings! People like Ben Affleck, Whoopi Goldberg and Garber’s Alias costar Jennifer Garner.

Oh, and did I mention he was a model? Yeah, he was a model. And not just one of those “takes photos with amateur photographers from the Internet and calls it modeling” models; he worked for designers like Hugo Boss, Gucci and, in all likelihood, some deities’ lines as well.

It’s no wonder Garber was so cool, calm and collected in Titanic. He had the world’s most awesome guy to come home to (actually, they got together a few years later, but I’d like to assume Garber knew what was coming).

Are you ready to be swept off your swivel chair?


Rainer-Andreesen-via blog dot nextmodels dot com

As Gawker points out, he totally resembles The Most Interesting Man in the World a la those Dos Equis ads (which is admittedly one of my favorite ad campaigns in the past few years because the man is so damn good at that role). The difference: Andreesen is real. And really unavailable. But hey, the Internet can dream that he’ll one day take us to prom/we’ll all have a reason to go to prom like a decade after graduating, right?

Photos: Apega/WENN, Cedric Buchet for British GQ and John Balsom via DNA Models.