ray rice makeup tutorial

Ten minutes ago, I didn’t think it was possible for someone to make a positive joke– let alone a three-minute video full of positive jokes– about the Ray Rice situation. I was really hesitant to click on YouTuber Megan MacKay‘s “Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial,” but I’m so glad I did. So, so, so glad.

Leave it to smart young women online to turn a horrific news story into an educational (and funny!) video. It’s really worth it to watch the whole thing, but if you need a little taste, here’s one of my favorite quotes:

So the first step, as always, is foundation, and I’m using a new shade that I just bought called ‘the NFL.’ I really like this color because it’ll cover up anything just to save face. Really make sure you get into every nook and cranny, because you want to make sure nothing unsavory leaks out.

Amazing. Megan goes on to point out the absurdity of Ray Rice not serving prison time (“Aah, we’re not gonna make you do it! We’re not gonna make you do it ’cause you play football!”), to take a jab at white feminists who are staying out of the whole conversation, and to tear down the old argument that women are “asking for it” when they agree to marry their abusers. After a handful of LOL-worthy moments, Megan ends the video with a serious tone, posting links to resources to help people better understand domestic violence. What a badass.

It’s incredibly hard to talk about complex issues like this in a short form video– and especially with a humorous tone– and I feel like she totally nailed it. Megan only has 331 subscribers on her channel, so here’s your chance to have a “I knew her back when” moment! Get in now!

Via HuffPost / Photo: YouTube