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Plenty of women out there, both young and old, turn to the Internet for answers to their most pressing and personal questions. I know I used to do it before I went to college and started feeling more comfortable just saying what was on my mind. And as much as writers like me can offer up our sincerest advice, it still needs to be taken with grain of salt, because my advice is my opinion and colored by my past experiences. That’s why the ladies of this world need a video series like’s new Real Gurl AdviceThe show includes advice from tons of different young women with different points of view, so you get every answer you’ve ever wanted, all in one place!

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Here’s how it works:

Real Gurl Advice features a group of truly amazing young women who aren’t afraid to talk about anything – and when we say anything, we mean anything. These girls deliver the truth bombs you need to hear, while also giving you frank and genuine advice that your friends or family members might be hesitant to tell you. They’ve been through this stuff recently, or currently, and they know what they’re talking about! Plus, they’re so damn cool that you’ll want to be best friends with every single one of them.”

Sounds great right? You can get answers to all the questions you’re too nervous or uncomfortable to ask your friends, peers, or even the Almight Goog (that’s what I call Google—we have a very intimate relationship).

The first episode, which premiered last week, is called, “What We Wish We Knew Before Having Sex.” This is a topic that pretty much every woman of every age has broached at some point in her life, and will likely do so more than once. So if you were happy with your first time, have concerns about it, or just want to see if other people had experiences like yours, this episode is for you. Watch it here:
[youtube_iframe id="k21bEUh4GYo"]

New episodes of Real Gurl Advice air every Friday at 5 p.m. on our sister site,, and