Teenager Anastasiya Shpagina becomes real life anime girl

Another day, another young woman trying to be a real life version of an already-unsettling cartoon thing. First it was the so-called “Russian Barbie doll,” then came Dakota Rose with her huge eyes and doll-like features, then it was Venus Angelic, who… also had huge eyes and doll-like features. The latest to the fold, however, may have one-upped them all by sheer commitment; meet Anastasiya Shpagina, real life anime girl. It’s actually pretty uncanny:

Teenager Anastasiya Shpagina becomes real life anime girl

Along with maintaining brilliant-hued shades of long anime hair, 19-year-old Shpagina spends a full hour a day on her makeup, which involves placing false eyelashes and lots and lots of eyeliner. She’s even whittled her 5’2” frame down to around 90 lbs., such that her waist is in appropriately astonishing proportion to the rest of her:

Teenager Anastasiya Shpagina becomes real life anime girl

Surprisingly, Shpagina hasn’t faced any rumor of weird surgeries (like rib removal), but the Daily Mail reports she plans to undergo some sort of procedure to permanently make her eyes appear more like an anime character’s. Oh, and she goes by the Japanese name Fukkacumi.

Also really surprising? Shpagina is actually buddies with aforementioned real life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova (she of the plastic-y skin and eerily lifeless eyes). There’s even photos of them on Facebook, being unsettling together:

Real life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova and real life anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina

Well, that satisfies this month’s “X as thing X shouldn’t resemble.” What’s next? Just once we’d like to see something not completely disquieting. “Meet the young elephant who’s become a real-life Snuffaluffagus,” maybe.

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