With Real Talk, we ask a bunch of random men the same set of questions, hoping to get a variety of responses. As always (and this is important) we feel compelled to say we’re not rounding up male opinions in the hopes that you’ll average them out and try to live your life according to that average, we do it because we find it interesting. Nothing more, nothing less.

This time, we asked them what importance they placed on a woman’s weight. For example: does it matter to them if a woman is a little overweight/underweight? If their girlfriends gain in a relationship, does it bother them? Is there a certain body type they prefer? If so, how much does it dictate their decisions in seeing someone? Can a woman’s weight affect their overall happiness in a relationship?

Be warned. This one gets a little heated.

[Ed. Note: For the slides, we’ve used celebrated female nudes throughout art history. I’m tagging this post NSFW because those Egon Schiele’s can be pretty racy, but really, nothing here is unsafe for your work unless you work for John David Ashcroft]