Every time I read an article in a lady magazine about weighing out raw almonds for breakfast, I think to myself “no one ever eats like that.” But then I realized I was basing that off of how I eat, because frankly, I have no idea what other women actually eat in a given day. We really only tend to hear about what women are eating when they’re not eating anything – so my conception of “normal eating habits” extend to anorexics who eat, perhaps, an apple every day. So I polled some friends of mine on what they actually ate in a given day and how they felt about it.

Since these answers are running kind of long, rather than presenting them in a gallery, as we typically do, we’ll be spacing the food diaries out as individual posts over the course of the day. See whose diet you relate to and which one sounds best (as we’ve tried to get people to weigh in on how the food made them feel emotionally as well as physically). Fun fact: no one weighs raw almonds. No one.

So, stay tuned. Links will go up over the course of the day here, or you can… skim the website? That will also work!

The Health Concious One

The Busy Traveler

The Food Jerk

The Dieter

The Vegan

The Food Lover