until the end

I mean, the first reason is obviously that you’re a coward.

But when we noted that wearing make-up and bravery seem not connected readers came up with others – sometimes cowardice inspired! – reasons for wearing make-up. Hell, one of our readers doesn’t even have a face without make-up, and we support their right to have eyes.

Though the entry above really stood out (in part because of that artful use of blue facepaint). Her name is Ashley. Her cousin submitted this story on our behalf:

Here’s a picture of my cousin Ashley circa 1985. She’s all dolled up like a true toddler tart. (Take that pageant moms!) Despite the caked-up makeup, she’s secretly SUPER BRAVE. Ashley was recently diagnosed with a super rare, super scary form of cancer that they still aren’t quite sure how to treat. So in the face of this she decided, “Oh, I think I’ll start a foundation for other single moms in my position, because cancer sucks for everyone.” So, even though she’s no chicken, I think you should hook her up with the swag bag.

I’d be happy to share her blog or foundation information upon request, but my goal here is to score her some cool shit.

She gets all the cool shit.

The foundation is called Until The End, and you can check it out, here.

But all of these people are – well, indispituably not winners in this particular contest – but perhaps winners in life. Seriously, I love this gallery. I know it takes forever to flip through slideshows, and I wish I had a better way to lay this out, but I  I think that you should read it. Because it’s fun. And so that if someone asks you why you paint your face, you will have things to say that are not, necessarily, “because I am not brave.” Unless you aren’t! That’s cool, too.