Sasha, Rebond

Unplanned. But I welcome this change. I needed a bit of boost and cheering up. A trip to the salon does help when you’re in need of an upper. So, yea. I’m now sporting a rebonded hairstyle. Straightened an already straight hair. Heh.

My sister was scheduled to go back home to Oz yesterday afternoon. However, before leaving Manila, she decided to make an appointment with our family’s token hairdresser, Rene. He’s the head stylist of RENSHIVA. Before Rico Gallegos of FIX Salon, I’ve been a regular of RENSHIVA.

The original plan had included my sister having her hair rebonded while I simply wanted a trim and a mani/pedi. But we managed to strike up a great deal with Rene, which ended up having the sister get the following done:

Hair Colour
Hair cut
Foot spa

We spent a total of six (6) hours in the salon. Gawd. It came to a point wherein we were afraid that we won’t be able to bring my sister to the airport in time. We had to go back home to pick up her suitcase and for her to get ready for a 12-hour flight. Gah. Good thing things worked out well.

When I had my hair cut short early this year, I was actually considering on having it rebonded instead. However, the latter is a whole lot more expensive so I thought cutting it will be better for my pockets.

GorillaPod First Experiment

Now, looking at my reflection, I see a straighter, reddish-brown (courtesy of the hair colour treatment), layered short hair. It now lacks the usual volume but it does look healthy and shiny. I like that it still looks natural and not the stringy, straight that I sometimes see on women who had their hair rebonded. It’s a little on the limp side but I reckon I can work with a few styling products along the way. BUT they’ve given me some tips on care and maintenance:

Don’t let the hair get wet for the first (two) 2 days.
Don’t tie your hair.
Find a good moisturising conditioner.

Perhaps you guys have more tips to share? If you’ve had your hair rebonded, perhaps you can tell us your own personal experience.

Photo© 2008 Sasha Manuel