Are you looking for that star-quality white smile, but don’t have money to spend on a dentist-office whitening?


According to Laura Torrado, Dr.Odont., D.D.S, F.A.G.D., there’s a lot we can do ourselves that will go a long way!

  • Always carry Wine Wipes in your purse the day of the event to get rid of purple teeth after sipping wine.
  • Use Supersmile Quikee: This is pocket-sized, a no brush/no rinse, on-the-go whitening tooth polish lets you keep your teeth clean anytime, anywhere. Simply apply a drop of Quikee Gel to your tongue and rub it over your teeth. You’ll have instantly fresher breath and whiter teeth. Perfect for those unexpected drop-bys!

And when you are at home:

  • A mix of peroxide and baking soda makes a mild abrasive paste that can be used instead of regular paste to get rid of minor existing stains
  • Over the counter bleaching strips work well as a more affordable option to expensive whitening procedures
  • Brush immediately after ingesting or drinking staining foods
  • Never rub lemon on your teeth! It will cause damage to your enamel and will cause cavity causing bacteria