2013 Emmy Awards Beauty -- Kerry Washington Claire Danes Lena Dunham

Just as with all awards shows, this year’s Emmy Awards were full of beautiful, wonderful and ridiculous looks. As per usual, there was a whole lot of side swept hair, soft curls and sleek updos. Actors’ makeup ranged from sexy to glamorous to entirely too overwhelming, so let’s take a look at some of the best and worst ones, shall we?

Best Makeup

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Kelly Osbourne

I loved Kelly Osbourne‘s defined brow and lovely red lip that coordinated wonderfully with her dress and earrings. Her skin glowed beautifully, too.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Morena Baccarin

Besides looking wonderful in general, Morena Baccarin‘s makeup was spot on.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Kiernan Shipka

At 13, Kiernan Shipka isn’t expected to be wearing a whole lot of makeup regardless, but there’s just a cute hint of pink blush and tinted lip balm that work so wonderfully with her outfit. I think I’m adding this to the “best” list primarily because it accompanied her outfit perfectly and was understated in the best possible way.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik isn’t somebody usually spotted on “best dressed” lists (not because she’s not great, but because she tends to play it safe), but I think her whole look was great.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Alfre Woodard

I’ve been such a big fan of Alfre Woodard since she was awesome on Desperate Housewives, and I loved her neutral look. A glowing, dewy complexion plus sheer berry lip color was a win.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Claire Danes

I loved Claire Danes‘ neat hair, but the red lipstick was so excellent, particularly because she left her eyes nearly bare sans a hint of sparkle.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Anna Gunn

The hair was a little “eh,” but Anna Gunn‘s makeup was so fresh and pretty.

Worst Makeup

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Sarah Hyland

I loved Sarah Hyland‘s dress, but the makeup was just too harsh.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Emily Deschanel

I normally like bursts of color, but Emily Deschanel‘s shiny opaque fuchsia lip color was awful.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Taylor Schilling

Taylor Schilling‘s hair was lovely, but the makeup was dated and overdone.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: January Jones

January Jones‘ makeup was a nightmare. And you know it’s sad when your imaginary TV daughter has infinitely better style than you.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Kaley Cuoco

All hatred of The Big Bang Theory aside, I just couldn’t hand the ridiculous eyeshadow Kaley Cuoco wore. Her dress? Incredibly pretty. Her “I just learned what a smoky eye is” makeup? And then they added a pale pink lipstick? Eh, no thanks.

Now, how about hair? (As well as the ultimate worst and best beauty!)

Best Hair

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Kristen Connolly

Kristen Connolly‘s perfectly styled bob was one of my favorite looks all night.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Carrie Preston

The color and smoothness of Carrie Preston‘s hair = wonderful. Sure, it was the same “Old Hollywood glam” hair put over one shoulder that everyone does, but she did it very, very well.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Michelle Dockery

I love the smooth, clean look Michelle Dockery went with; she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite red carpet people. Plus, her eyebrows were exquisite.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange‘s hair had just the right amount of body and movement to look beautiful without being overdone.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Zooey Deschanel

I admittedly hated Zooey Deschanel‘s lipstick, but I loved her cute teased waves.

Worst Hair

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin is usually so lovely, but her hair looked was wispy and over the place.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Betsy Brandt

Congrats to Betsy Brandt and all of Breaking Bad, but good gracious, that pompadour.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Amanda Peet

Oh, Amanda Peet. When did you start coming around again?

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Malin Akerman

While I am weirdly biased toward Malin Akerman usually (I feel like they wrote her part poorly for the movie version of The Watchmen), I just dislike this weird poofed-up, poorly teased updo so much.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Jessica Pare

Jessica Pare is a very pretty girl, but this hairstyle is all over the place and doesn’t feel red carpet ready.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Mindy Kaling

Oh Mindy Kaling, I think you are the most wonderful, but this hair reminds me of the “ultimate prom hairdo” I would’ve cut out from a magazine at age 12.

The “I Don’t Know How To Feel About Your Face” Awards:

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Elisabeth Moss

Is Elisabeth Moss‘ orange-toned makeup was the right amount of pretty or just too much color?

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Lily Rabe

I cannot determine whether I think Lily Rabe‘s deep wine-colored lipstick is wonderfully dramatic or totally washes her out.

Best of the Best:

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Kerry Washington

It was a tie between Miss Kerry Washington (because of course it was) and…

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks! Both women looked incredible, coordinated hair and makeup with their individual outfits perfectly, and had wonderful smiles on. I know it sounds corny, but good gracious, it’s just so true.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Christina Hendricks

I mean really.

Worst of the Worst:

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Lena Dunham

Well, at least somebody from Girls won something last night, right? Hyuck hyuck. Yeah, but really: Lena Dunham, what on Earth were you thinking with this? It’s like somebody brought you to a MAC counter and told the newest makeup artist there that you want to look like Courtney Love had a baby with Hot Topic.

Who do you think was worst and best in the bunch?

Photos: Getty Images.