Like thousands upon thousands of other people, I have been wearing Ruby Woo by MAC for several years. I have worn it to parties, to school, to work, to interviews, to sets, to the gym (yes, I am one of those people who wears makeup to the gym, and I know — blah blah what’s the point blah blah). I love wearing red lipstick out, but I have always been somewhat cautious of doing so when out with somebody. You know, romantically.

Red lipstick on a first date feels weird. There are tons of great reasons why wearing a bright lip is a great thing for any social situation, including (and perhaps especially) first dates, but I am quite apprehensive. There are also lots of issues that could arise, and given how much I love my tubes of red lipstick, I have thought this over quite a bit, weighing the pros and cons repeatedly. Here, allow me to explain.

Photo: Shutterstock[ITPGallery]