(Photo: Twenty20/kaitiedanae)

This spring, everything is coming up rose—er, we mean red! Step aside blonde (or bronde, for that matter), the vivacious hue is guaranteed to turn more than few heads. “Red stands out. It’s daring and screams ‘I have confidence,’ explains Daniel Villano, a colorist at Fekkai 5th Avenue. “[In 2016] It’s all about amber, coppery honey and sunny reds.”

So, are you ready to enter the redhead hall of fame? We spoke to three experts to highlight a few key considerations and tips to wear red the right way.

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The Hot Hue Never Left

“Red hair will always be around – but not for everyone,” explains Nicole Tresch, a colorist at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. “Your skin needs to be fair, not olive toned or too ruddy. If you can be red, the natural lighter reds are golden/strawberry. Those leaning toward deeper reds are going with more auburn or coppery tones. Definitely not flaming red—it can come across as too cartoony.”

Yes, You Can Prevent Fading

“First, don’t shampoo or apply excessive heat for 48-72 hours after color,” warns Villano. “The color molecule is still unstable and prone to accelerated degrading/fading. Next, use color-safe shampoo like Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo and limit shampooing to every other day.”

Revive Your Hue

“[For natural red heads] I suggest a gloss to help enhance their natural shade,” shares Laura Estroff, Head of Color at Kennaland. “[For those who dye] opt for an at-home color depositing shampoo/conditioner and always rinse with cold water.”

Select The Right Shade

“For a natural-looking red, never vary too far from your natural lightness or darkness,” cautions Villano. “Choose a tone that compliments your skin tone. Pinkish skin looks better in gold red. Fairer skin looks better in sunny reds, while cream-colored skin looks best with more copper or true red.”

Find a Muse

“Florence from Florence and the Machine and Julianne Moore—both are classic beauties,” shares Estroff. “[ I love] Jessica Chastain’s shade,” adds Tresh. “Her light, golden strawberry hair color is soft, natural and warm on her skin.” She’s also applauds Julia Roberts. “Her auburn red makes her eyes pop and look very honey and rich.”

Red Hair Looks Fuller

“While there is always exceptions (I’ve personally seen all of them over the years), redheads actually have the thickest individual hair strands on average by color but the least amount of them per person,” shares Villano. “Fun fact: natural red hair strands are thicker then blonde or brunette, but on average have less individual hairs. Red: 90,000 average per head, Blonde: 110,000 average per head, and Brunette: 140,000 average per head.”

Villano adds a closing thought, “Red isn’t for everyone—but when it’s done well, it’s a head turner and a show stopper! Don’t be afraid to ask your colorist if it’s a possibility for you. Changing your color can reveal a new you!”