I am so happy to find out about the product launch of Sebastian Professional – a professional grade line of hair care and styling products.


Sebastian used to be at the top of the game, way back when, and was one of my very favorite brands.  Shaper hairspray was *da bomb.*  But, they quit innovating, and fell behind.  You could always find Sebastian at your grocery and drug stores, and to me, that was a huge sign of defeat for a brand that was very exclusive to salons, and has always been a strong fighter against diversion.

Sebastian was purchased as part of a deal by Procter & Gamble around 2003, and while it has taken them a while to revamp, revamp they have done.  The new Sebastian Professional line builds on their classic products and introduces a lot of new ones – 30 products in fact, designed to build, sculpt and hold any hairstyle you could possibly come up with.  Take some time to check out their web site, and if you’re in the salon anytime soon, ask them for a demo of the new Sebastian – I bet its going to be good stuff!

Read more about diversion, why you don’t want to buy diverted products, what Sebastian is doing to prevent it, and how you can help – here.

Image: Sebastian Professional