rejuvawandI have had the exciting opportunity to try out this super nifty home laser skin care system from Rejuvawand. Basically, it is your basic 3 step skin care system (great lathering cleanser, toner and moisturizer), plus this cordless rechargable laser unit, when used once a day for 30 days is going to diminish my wrinkles! Oh yeah!

There is a ton to say about this product, but I am going to keep you up with my progress over the next month, so will save some goodies for later. For now, this is how Rejuvawand says it works:

The RejuvaWandTM Skincare System from Light Dimensions uses a totally natural anti-aging approach to reverse the damaging effects of sun exposure and aging. The RejuvaWand combines relaxing massage (Rejuva™Vibe) with red and infrared light to invigorate the body’s own restorative process, and counteract the effects of aging.

As we age, the cells that manufacture collagen and elastin – your skin’s support system – begin to slow down. Sun exposure accelerates this process and produces a damaging chemical imbalance under the surface of aging skin. Light from the RejuvaWand permeates the top layers of the skin, stimulating your cells to produce more energy (scientifically referred to as Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP).

Independent laboratory studies have shown that increased ATP promotes anti aging. This powerful cellular energy boosts collagen levels, smoothes the skin to get rid of wrinkles, reduce fine lines, and provide a natural anti aging skin care treatment. The RejuvaWand’s addition of RejuvaTM Vibe gentle massage increases circulation of blood under the skin, which increases the flow of nutrients and carries away dead and damaged cells.

And rather than give you a dull description of what is really quite nifty to see and use, here comes yet another of my bad videos of me with no makeup on using the Rejuvawand for the very first time. I really look haggard in this video. What am I thinking? LOL Time to do another makeup video.

You can try this new product by going to Rejuvawand’s web site – the cost is $200. But stay tuned, I will check back in soon with another video at my 2 week mark to see what improvement we see. I think I really do see some improvement already, but you can check it out officially with me on Friday.