Renee Alway arrested

As you may remember from Monday, America’s Next Top Model contestant Renee Alway was arrested last month for “suspicion of burglary, fraud, possession of narcotics, forged bills, and committing a felony while on bail,” among other things. This is certainly sad, but nothing in there prepared me for how awful the photo taken of her after the crimes were committed was.

The mugshot, via TMZ:

America's Next Top Model contestant Renee Alway's mugshot.

Wow. That “wow” wasn’t meant to condescend, judge or mock Alway’s current state whatsoever, for the record; I’m just blown away by how awful it is that she is in this state at all. She’s bruised, which leads me to wonder if she is being abused by somebody, which is even more terrifying and sad. It makes me hope she gets help even more so than I already did. According to Modelville by way of Wikipedia, Alway’s father was physically and psychologically abusive, both of which could have contributed to her pressent problems with drugs and the law.

While ANTM, nor reality TV as a whole, is obviously not to blame for the transgressions of its contestants, it is still important to note that, generally speaking, the kind of person who inserts themselves into reality television contests, where millions of strangers will gawk at them repeatedly failing at stuff and fellow contestants who “didn’t come here to make friends” will do anything for the monetary prizes, are not the most emotionally stable of people. Do competitive shows where people are launched into celebdom at a shocking speed, then dropped just as fast, foster feelings of inadequacy and self esteem issues? Maybe. At the very least, it does nothing to help them.

Photos: Getty Images, TMZ.