You will not recognize Bridget Jones in these new photos.

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

In general, I try not to embrace plastic surgery rumors with open arms. This is not because I think they are somehow offensive; I would be lying if I said I hadn’t speculated at some point about various celebrities and their potential operations (that they’ve had, not ones they need, which I think would be a whole other ballpark). I just think they are often based on super subjective “evidence” that vary due to different lightings, settings and makeup. But when I saw the following photo labeled “Renee Zellweger” the other day, I was genuinely perplexed. Girl looks different.

You will not recognize Bridget Jones in these new photos.

Photo: Steve Jennings/Getty Images

This picture was taken at a charity event in San Francisco on Monday. I did not recognize the actress whatsoever. I still don’t. Did Getty mislabel a photo? I wondered, thinking that perhaps it was the angle fooling me, until I saw another photo and continued to not recognize her.

You will not recognize Bridget Jones in these new photos.

Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

It’s not as though she doesn’t look lovely. She has consistently looked great for a long time, but I am so confused about how different she looks. Her eyes have a very different shape, as do her brow bones and lips.

Like I said, if she had plastic surgery, then whatever! That is fascinating. I wish I knew more people who had done so sometimes, so I can asked them about the stupid ear surgery I still want. In fact, we have all said there could be something we want. Even Michelle Obama approves! Numerous stars have had plastic surgery, but I think it’s always a little startling when it appears that a celebrity has completely altered their appearance.

Obviously, human beings age. We all do it, and therefore do not wind up looking like our 19-year-old selves forever because then we’d be preternaturally teenage creeps (although if I could go back to my freshman-in-college self and tell her to stop being so afraid of shorts and start wearing more effing sunscreen, that would likely be beneficial today). But even with stars, relatives and acquaintances whom I see photos of from five decades prior, I can still recognize them. I am just a little taken aback at how genuinely unconvinced I was of the caption “Renee Zellweger.” As my concise coworker Joanna said: “She looks like Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Lawrence had a baby.”