We’re all familiar with the unhealthy obsession with Photoshop. Whether it’s Queen Bey allegedly editing her own Instagram pictures or a magazine going to town on someone’s face, our fascination with digitally changing ourselves is rampant. And you know, I think It’s getting kind of out of hand. I hope people are seeing that dramatically changing yourself is only furthering the expectation for perfection.

This time around, Elizabeth Moss, a retoucher whose work has been seen in Vogue, Elle and GQ – among other prestigious publications – shows us what it’s like to totally alter a human being. The videos released show more than an hour’s worrth of alteration reduced to 90 seconds.

Moss told Peta Pixel:

“These videos are unique because none of the high end retouchers make these type of videos, so the quality of the other before and after retouching videos available online are pretty terrible and not at all representative of what is typically done on high fashion editorials and campaigns. With all the talk about photoshop use or overuse, I thought it would be interesting for people to see how we actually add pores to skin (we do this in the 2nd and 3rd videos, sampled from the girl in the first video).”

Here we have a beautiful girl with some insanely crazy fake eyelashes on: photo3
Afterward, said model was smoothed, sculpted, de-freckled, plumped and highlighted:


See more photos (and videos) of totally retouched faces by clicking here!

In this image, we have a stunning model pre-retouching:

Image1Afterward, here’s our model:



It all seems super unnecessary, doesn’t it? I can understand lighting and hue, but I don’t see why their lips, eyes or bones to be changed. What are your thoughts?