There are lots of different versions of cat eyes. There are colored versions. Thick ones, thin ones. Sparkly ones. And sometimes even double flicks. Despite the variations, the thing that usually remains constant is the flick is on the outer corner of the eye, on the upper lash line. Occasionally, it might drop down to the lower lash line, but that’s about it. That’s why the reverse winged eyeliner trend has completely thrown us because it puts the flick on the inside of the eye.

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Some beauty bloggers and makeup artists have been experimenting with reverse winged liner on social media. Given its unconventional look, it has most of us doing a double take. The classic feline flick remains the same, but when you start to look at it, you realize that the eyebrow is in the wrong spot and that there’s something not quite right about the eye’s shape. Just when you think it might be some Photoshop trickery, you realize it’s the actual placement of the cat eye.

Most makeup artists are keeping the look simple and letting the reverse flick be the focus by toning down the rest of eye makeup, save for some coordinating black eyelashes. Then there are those who are experimenting further and enhancing the look with eyeshadows, false lashes and a touch of glitter.

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If you’re looking for a trippy makeup look for Halloween 2017 that doesn’t involve gallons of fake blood or special FX makeup, the reverse winged eyeliner is a good option.