I am one of those females who values aesthetics a lot more than comfort, so I have tortured my feet with every sort of uncomfortable shoe possible.  I’ve worn pointy toes, super high heels, strappy sandals, shoes that are too big, shoes that are too small, shoes that rub in the wrong places, shoes that cause blisters, and anything else you can imagine that looks really cute and hurts a lot.


I’ve never even thought of my heels as a part of my body that needed special attention, but I received a sample of HeelTastic Intensive Heel Therapy and decided to try to heal one of the under-appreciated parts of my feet.  HeelTastic comes in a cylindrical stick similar to deodorant and has a strong fragrance with hints of lemon and ginger.  The stick is really soft like butter, so I applied it with the stick and then massaged it into the heel until it is absorbed completely.  HeelTastic is made from Indian Neem and Karanja oils, which have been used in ancient medicines for their restorative properties.

I like to pamper my feet once in awhile, so I like the new idea of using a special product designed just to treat my heels.  The heels definitely get a ton of damage from rubbing against the back of your shoes, so it’s a good idea to use an intense moisturizer that has special oils for healing this type of skin.  I have definitely tried regular body lotion on my heels for years and never had any results, so I was excited to find a product that was actually strong enough to treat this rough and calloused area.

HeelTastic is available at most drugstores or online at www.heeltastic.com.