There’s genuinely no denying the pull of wild, brightly colored hair this season. All our favorite and least-favorite celebrities have been dying their hair unnatural shades of pink, green, lavender, yellow, and more for the better part of the year. And whenever someone does it, I want to try it even more. But there’s just the small problem of fear and being stuck with it forever to give one pause, but Rihanna and Cara Delevingne figured out the best new way (besides hair chalk) to try out a wild hair color without making any kind of commitment at all: wigs.

Rihanna recently proved a bubblegum pink wig could make a stunning fashion statement, and Cara Delevingne just joined her with a series of wigs of her own.

Last night Delevingne posted an Instagram picture of herself with her tiny rabbit Cecil, who has recovered from his crazy fashion accident last week, and Love Magazine editor in chief Katie Grand, with a much, much larger bunny named Clara. The bunnies are adorable, but even they could not distract from Delevingne’s fluffy white wig.

And evidently Delevingne liked her wig so much she got another one just for walking around, as she was photographed later that evening wearing a bright green wig under a Chanel beanie. That’s three wigs in recent memory, and three occurrences officially makes a trend. So if you’ve been wanting to try out a funky hair color but have not had the guts to make the switch permanently, now is probably a good time to head over to eBay and get yourself a wig in the hue of your choice.

Personally, I adore this turn of events and hope it becomes a real thing that non-famous people are doing. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair a fun color but waffling about the issue since high school. Going pink would require stripping my red hair to blonde, then dying it pink. Touch-ups would require a lot of time and money, and if I didn’t like it, getting my own red back would be nigh impossible. I’d just have to hope my colorist could come close. But by taking a page from Rihanna and Cara Delevingne, I could just spend $35-$40 on a pink wig and go around looking like a wig-wearing badass whenever I felt like it. As an added bonus: If I chicken out, I could just shove the thing in my handbag and pretend none of this ever happened.

(Photos: WENN, Instagram/CaraDelevingne)