Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of men. I get that Rihanna is smoking hot, and that Rihanna wearing very little is great, and that Rihanna wearing even less is the best. But is there actually something inherently sexy about her wearing mud and twigs (which she does in this month’s issue of Esquire as the sexiest woman of the year) as some stupidly obvious reference to being dirty? Or is it just that anything that passes for clothing but isn’t — and notably leaves a woman practically naked — is awesome? Or, are the editors at Esquire just running out of ideas for how to photograph nearly-nude women at this point, so they’re like, “Mud!! Yes. Mud. Cover Rihanna in mud. Now let me go the fuck home.”

Male readers of The Gloss, whoever you are, feel free to weigh in.

All images via Esquire