Even when it was just a rumor that Rihanna was going to be launching a makeup line, people were going crazy. After all, Rihanna is one of the few people who seems to be able to pull off almost any beauty look. And she gives us as much beauty inspo as she does fashion. Therefore, when it was confirmed that Fenty Beauty was happening, makeup lovers everywhere let out a collective cheer.

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Since the announcement that Fenty Beauty was coming, we’ve had our eyes glued to all of RiRi’s social media accounts and have dissected every one of her red carpet appearances to see if they held more clues about Fenty Beauty.

We don’t have to speculate any longer because Rihanna herself posted on Instagram that Fenty Beauty will officially be launching on September 8, 2017 globally. We didn’t find out many details about the collection, but Rihanna did confirm that the makeup range will be available at Sephora and Harvey Nichols.

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Our suggestion? Keep one eye focused on Rihanna’s Instagram and go and follow @FentyBeauty immediately.

Fenty Beauty will launch September 8 globally.