Perhaps sensing that it’s a very “now” statement, Rihanna posted four photos of herself without makeup to her Instagram and Twitter accounts earlier this week. And hey, color me surprised, she looks great in all of them.

Granted, she looks like she’s probably a little bit stoned, but it’s been well established that this only makes Rihanna hotter in most people’s eyes. She also appended the caption “Just realized how dumb u look takin self pix on iPhone thanx to @leandra246,” which I’m pretty sure takes her into disingenuous self-portrait territory. Rihanna tends to have more swagger than that, so I was surprised. A more characteristic caption might be “Sexy barefaced bitch,” or something. Has the celebrity-false-modesty-complex gotten to her?

Like I said the other day, it’s cool to see what celebrities look like without makeup. But genetic blessings are genetic blessings, whether they’re wearing makeup or not, so it’s hardly brave for a beautiful 24-year-old pop star to show herself in that way. Then again, Rihanna’s caption could be taken as an acknowledgment of the ridiculousness of the exercise in which she was engaging, so at least she was self-conscious about it. There’s also the idea that barefaced photos are the new nude photos, in that they express a sense of intimacy with fans. Which I get. If nothing else, it’s certainly more seemly than a “leaked” nude photo or sex tape.

(Via Twitter)