Rihanna MAC collection

Pretty soon we will live in a world of exclusively Rihanna branded products: hot on the heels of her debut collection of impressively unwearable clothes for British High Street retailer River Island, Rihanna has announced a deal with MAC Cosmetics.

The singer and the beauty juggernaut have teamed up for four (count ’em) makeup collections to be debuted over the course of this year, per WWD.  It’ll be called RiRi <3s MAC and they’ll all be anchored by a signature shade of Rihanna lipstick called RiRi Woo (a reference to MAC’s beloved bestselling red, Ruby Woo).

HuffPo schedules the rollout thusly:

The first collection will hit in May, coinciding with Rihanna’s concert tour. The second collection will debut in summer, the third in fall, and the fourth will be a special holiday line arriving in December.

WWD also notes that unlike previous MAC celebrity collaborators, Rihanna is being considered a “creative partner” with longterm potential.

Cool. So, like, every other fucking time a celebrity gets involved with fashion design/fragrance/beauty/chandeliers and wall sconces?

No, seriously. Every publicist in the world expects us to believe that… this time… it’s special. So, we’ll relent and accept that maybe Rihanna’s going to be really involved with approving some things presented to her and maybe making a suggestion once. Though we imagine Miss Piggy’s involvement was just as hands on.

Don’t forget: once you’ve swathed yourself in blue suede jumpsuits and crop tops and high saturation red Rihanna lipstick, you can also suffocate your body in a cloud of Rihanna perfume. Finish with coconut water!

(Photo via Wenn)