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Hardly a day has passed since Rihanna took her affinity for toplessness to a new level and posted bare-chested, bare-assed photos of herself to Instagram. We wondered how long the pics (which are actually relatively tasteful photos from her Lui Magazine shoot) would stay up, since the app has a “no nudes” policy, and it looks like we just got our answer. Instagram has removed all traces of RiRi’s nipples from sight, and she’s responding in the Rihanna-est way possible– with some wit and sass.

Her first move? Posting a fan-created meme that features Rihanna’s face superimposed onto a 1980s glamour shot, accompanied by “Rih’s next magazine cover if it was up to Instagram” in large text. She followed that up with a shot of a city bus with the magazine cover plastered to its side (which is a pretty great commentary on how female sexuality is only acceptable if someone else owns it), and then several pieces of fan art that prove that nips are only fair game on Instagram if they’re cartoon nips. To top it all off, she reposted the controversial photos on her Twitter, where nudity is fair game. Nice.

rihanna meme

On the one hand, Instagram totally has the right to ban overtly sexual content, especially since it’s an app that doesn’t have age restrictions, doesn’t give you the option to hide NSFW pictures, and doesn’t want people to stop looking at it when they’re at work or school or on a public train. On the other hand, it’s pretty exhausting that women’s nipples are so objectified that they’re considered porn just in their resting state. Her nipples aren’t even doing anything in the pictures. They’re just sitting there, being normal, doing what all nipples do when they’re not being used for sex or breastfeeding.

Your move, Instagram. I can understand your reasoning behind removing the pictures, but unless there’s some sort of apocalypse, Rihanna isn’t going to stop being proud of her body in the near future… so it might be time to give it up. Her fans are a powerful army, and if you take away the RiRi nips, it’s only a matter of time before they all move their selfies over to Tumblr.

Via Daily News / Photos: Instagram