2014 MTV Movie Awards - Red Carpet

If you’re wondering how fashion magazines still sell physical copies when the internet is full of free photos and quotes from our favorite celebrities, I can tell you in one word: Rihanna. She looks so good on a glossy cover that I can’t help but fork over four bucks every single time, and my tupperware container full of old magazines is approximately 25% RiRi. Apparently Vogue understands that lots of other women feel the same way, because just a few months after she dazzled on their United States cover, the singer/fashion icon is plastered to the front of Vogue Brazil— twice.

Each of the dual covers shows off a totally different side to Rihanna, and it’s impossible to tell which one is more gorgeous. First, there’s the sexy, barely-there green dress that shows off her killer curves, her sexy tattoos, and some fantastically smokey eye makeup. I’m loving the varied gold bangles and arm cuffs so much that I’m starting to wonder if I could pull them off. (I can’t. I understand that I can’t. Just let me daydream about it for a second, okay?)

rihanna's green vogue brazil cover

And then there’s cover number two, which features a more natural, stripped down, and probably topless version of Rihanna. Her lip color looks nothing short of amazing, and it’s really hard to stop staring at her I-just-got-done-taking-a-naked-stroll-down-the-beach hair. Once again, the eye makeup is perfection– even though this look is much more subtle than the first one. Rihanna is the reigning queen of looking equally awesome when she’s glammed up and when she’s au naturel.

rihanna's topless vogue brazil cover

Which cover do you like better? If I absolutely had to choose, I think I’d go with the full-body shot… but I feel like I’m betraying the other one. I guess I’ll just have to (sigh) order both.

Via E! / Photos: Getty Images, Vogue Brazil