If there’s anything Jennifer’s brilliant analysis has taught us, it’s that Rihanna’s perfume Reb’l Fleur is nothing if not morally upright. Hers is a smell that says it’s okay to be a rebellious little flower, but if you give into your bad self too much, you will be trapped in a commercial full of mirrors, enemies, and confusing imagery. Hence, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that the equally virtuous country of Kuwait would accept it with anything less than totally open arms. Indeed, Kuwait’s body language was downright reluctant.

An excited blogger at ONTD reports that Rihanna’s perfume ad was Photoshopped to be more modest before being released to the general public. This type of thing is not a new occurrence, but I find it funny that the non-boob sliver of skin in the middle of her torso was deemed too titillating to enter the country. It’s also strange how much a tiny bit of Photoshopping can change the look of a garment; in the old picture, it looks like she’s wearing some kind of silk blazer with nothing under it (perhaps it was “flash your boobs day” at the office?), while in the ‘shopped version it looks more like a long, flowing robe, like what one might wear to sing in a sexy church choir.

I’d sort of like to see what steps Kuwait’s censors would take to make an “S&M”-themed perfume ad decent.  Is that even possible? Rihanna’s reportedly working on a second fragrance, so maybe we’ll get to find out in the near future.