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Do you love mascara but hate how quickly a tube dries out? Sometimes it seems like you’ve just opened that tube of mascara and it’s already a dry, crispy mess that does nothing to your lashes. And once it goes like that, there really isn’t any way you can revive your mascara. Thankfully, Rimmel London has come up with a genius mascara formula that seeks to put a stop to dried out mascara once and for all.

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The Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara has a deceptively simple mechanism built inside the tube that allows your mascara to remain as fresh on day 100 as it did on day one. The tube keeps the product fresh thanks to the first-of-its-kind, patented shaker system.  In the tube, the components of the mascara (waters and gels) are kept separate so the product remains dry. But when you shake the tube, a cylindrical agitator “mixes” the formula to take it from dry to creamy.

So, when you want to apply some mascara, you simply shake the tube a few times. This causes the formula to mix together so it’s like you’re getting a fresh batch of mascara each time you want to coat your lashes. How clever is that?

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In addition to giving you a fresh mascara application every time, the formula also boosts the volume of your lashes. Add in the fact that Cara Delevingne is the star of the campaign and you have us ready to update our mascara collection.

The Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara has recently launched in the UK so fingers crossed it shows up on this side of the pond so we don’t have to deal with crispy mascara formulas anymore.