This picture of of Twilight star Robert Pattinson modeling Chinese underwear is going to change your whole impression of him. Well, I mean, maybe not that much. Robert Pattinson is already known for wearing women’s clothing, so, really, this isn’t quite like finding out that Vin Diesel was a Chinese underwear model. Well, that we know of. Yet.

I think that would add a really exciting new dimension to Vin Diesel’s persona.

What I am saying is, here is a pretty interesting picture of Robert Pattinson modeling Chinese underwear that Snakkle found

robert-pattinson-underwear-modelAccording to Racked:

This awkward photo of him in a pair of graphic-patterned drawers, which according to them was shot sometime in 2003 for a Chinese magazine. The concept here was 1930s swimwear, believe it or not, and Snakkle reports that as he was only 17 at the time, Rob brought his mom along as a chaperone to the shoot.

That actually seems sort of sweet, and, you know, I think Robert Pattinson is pulling off that bizarre halter top/swimsuit as well as anyone could pull it off. I do, however, think that no man is really going to wear a halter top to go swimming, and, if they are, they are probably at least going to remove their patent leather shoes and black socks. They might want to replace it with a nice pair of boat shoes, or, if they like something edgier, sandals.

Cute pattern on the shorts, though.

Picture via Snakkle via Racked