co0314p000_mktgIs Cosmo finally making progress towards its professed goal of becoming a more feminist magazine? Their latest move at least earns them some points in the body diversity department! The March 2014 issue of Australian Cosmopolitan features Robyn Lawley on its gorgeous cover… in a crop top. You have our attention.

Robyn, who works as a plus-size model, received a boatload of accolades a few months ago when she published an essay on The Daily Beast all about the “thigh gap” trend and why she hates the masses of thinspiration posts that pollute the internet. We loved it too– although we had to call out the portions that dipped into thin shaming, of course– and we’re really impressed that a model who’s still trying to establish herself was so willing to talk about a controversial topic. Now Cosmo is providing her with another platform from which to spread positive messages about bodies that don’t match up with the media’s incredibly stubborn standards. They even dared to put a body-positive headline next to her– taking up valuable cover space that could have been full of “BLOW HIS MIND IN THE BATHTUB” and “S HIS D DAILY OR GO TO HELL.”

And not only does she look beautiful on the cover, but get a load of that visible skin! It’s pretty cool that they didn’t photoshop out the tiny roll of skin at her waist, all things considered. While it’s not exactly going above and beyond to just not mutilate models with airbrushing, it’s still newsworthy that they chose to make her look… human. Between Melissa McCarthy‘s body-obscuring winter coat to Mindy Kaling‘s infamously close-cropped cover, we were starting to suspect that major women’s mags were never going to get over their fear of average-sized bodies. (Now if only we could work on the racial diversity issue… and the whitewashing issue… and the endless litany of other issues….)

It sucks that we have to give a magazine a standing ovation for featuring someone over a size 2, but it’s still nice to know that somebody is making at least a small amount of effort. We love Robyn Lawley and we can’t wait to see more from her.

Via Fashionista