Robyn Lawley for Australia GQ

Robyn Lawley shot by Pierre Toussaint for Australian GQ

We have covered so many Robyn Lawley goings on over the last few years–we first saw her on Vogue Italia’s landmark plus size cover (which still draws groans and gushing praise in equal measure), then she started nabbing solo covers left and right. A straight size lingerie campaign followed and an even landmark-ier campaign spot as the first plus-sized face of Ralph Lauren. Through it all, she’s handled the bullshit with grace and poise.

But as famous as she is among fashion bloggers and people who follow the modeling industry, Lawley has been completely ignored by men’s media.

Why’s that? She looks every bit as amazing in a bathing suit as she does on a red carpet (seriously)–and what with the success of women like Kate Upton and Crystal Renn (who both landed in the same comparatively diverse issue of Sports Illustrated), people are slowly acknowledging that you don’t have to be a “loose 2” to be fuckable. You can be a 4 or even a 6!

Thankfully, someone slapped some sense into Lawley’s native GQ (Australia) and the magazine picked her as It Girl of the Week. Normally the dominion of more conventional supermodels (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, for example), Lawley looks right at home. And GQ, for their part, sets the tone nicely, “Label Robyn Lawley a plus-size model if you want. Or, why not go with our preferred adjective – hot.”

Still, we’re not quite in a place yet where someone as remarkably good looking as Lawley can just deserve to be there–“I’ve got big hips and a big body,” she says, “I’m double, triple the size of other models – and I embrace that, I own it,”–by which we mean her slightly unusual body is still the focus of the brief profile. Someday, lad mags can crush on Lawley without even mentioning her size.

In the meantime, you can go see her looking hot.

(Photo via Australia GQ)