Perhaps in an effort to convince people that their new fragrance “Burberry Body” will not smell like an old English granny, Burberry has debuted an ad featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley teasingly revealing various parts of herself. After all, what better way to emphasize the fact that the stuff is called “body” by showing off…a woman’s body? “We wanted to create something very British, feminine, timeless, distinctive and effortlessly sensual,” quoth the press release.

Acknowledging the iconic Burberry trench coat as the favored garment of well-to-do flashers, the camera pans over her legs, face, and sexy, sexy, sternum. It leaves something to the imagination, because Burberry is classy like that. (They’ve certainly dialed it back from that super-naked print ad that came out a little while ago.)

Ms. Huntington-Whiteley looks lovely for sure, and I’m starting to feel a bit guilty for using a random photo of her to try to spark a larger discussion about the deprivation models go through to stay thin, the line between diet and disorder, and how that’s perceived by those outside the fashion world. However, I would like to use this as an opportunity to debunk the idea that models have to be extremely skinny because they are basically supposed to be walking clothes hangers. This is just one of many campaigns in which that’s clearly not the case; the model’s body, which is meant to be read as aspirational, is front and center, the literal embodiment of Burberry’s version of luxurious feminine sensuality. How you, the viewer, choose to filter this data is up to you.