oldspice.jpgAbout a month ago, it was R’s birthday.  We had a busy day planned,  including a trip out to the far reaches of suburbia for dinner at…The Cheesecake Factory.

/turns in urbanite street-cred card

Anyway, it was such a busy day that R. either forgot, or wore out, his antiperspirant (Old Spice Red Zone).   So on the way to the fancy mall and Cheesecake Factory, we stopped by Target and thought the Old Spice Showtime Body Spray might be a good way to, erm, refresh.

Now that it’s a kazillion degrees and 99% humidity, the Showtime gets a lot of play.  He often uses it as a refresher before hitting the gym or after coming home from work, or on the weekends instead of cologne.  I like the smell – it’s youthful, but not highly synthetic like Cool Water et al, but has green and wood notes.  On the packaging it says “You know the smell of fear?  This is the opposite of that smell.”  R. says that since he bought it on the way to the mall (with birthday money and GC’s in hand) he thinks “I’m going to go spend money!” everytime he puts it on.   The lasting power is decent but it’s no substitute for deodorant!

I think it’s funny that something so girly I won’t even use it (body spray) has now officially become okay for guys to wear!