It doesn’t matter how bad someone’s makeup is, you should never say one of these eye roll-inducing lines. They are as annoying as telling people what’s wrong with their eyebrows. Someone with crooked eyeliner may not have realized that there are tips to correct shaky hands. Or maybe they haven’t figure out how to contour their faces properly a la Kim Kardashian? (Contouring is difficult and can go wrong very easily). It’s fine to subtly drop a few hints about how to apply mascara to your bottom lashes without it smudging. And you should definitely tell someone if they have white powder all over their face, because that certainly isn’t intentional. Just please be kind and don’t say these comments about someone’s makeup:

1. Your skin looks good today.

2. That mascara makes your eyes look so much bigger.

3. I didn’t know they still sold plum lipstick.

4. How many different colored eyeshadows do you have?

5. That foundation makes you look really tan.

6. Who are you trying to impress with that lipstick?

7. That blush makes you look healthy.

8. I didn’t know you wear makeup.

9. Do they actually make foundation in that pale of a shade?

10. Are those your real eyelashes?

11. That eyeshadow makes you look less tired.

12. Look at you! You must be going out somewhere fancy tonight.

13. You look like a different person.

14.  That concealer does a really good job of covering your dark circles.

15. That red lipstick means that you’re high maintenance.