Please, be a good friend and just pretend that the monster zit doesn’t exist. You’re well aware that you have pimple that is so large that it could legitimately be declared its own state taking over your face. You don’t need Captain Obvious to point that out to you. Offering tips on how to cover it up, pop it or make a DIY acne treatment are appreciated, but do they not realize that you’ve tried everything a part from wearing a bandage over your chin, to hide that zit? The only thing worse than making your pimple the topic of conversation,  is if someone stares at in unblinkingly, like they’re in some zombie zit trance, but never actually comments about it. Arrrgh.

So, if someone has a zit, keep your eyes up, and never say any of these ridiculous things:

1. Omg! That is massive.

2. What is that?

3. That looks painful.

4. Ouch.

5. What happened to your face?

6. Makeup won’t even cover that up.

7. Ewwwwww.

8. Have you tried popping it?

9. Did you forget to wash your face?

10. You need to see your dermatologist, stat. 

11. Aren’t you a little old to be getting pimples?

12. No one will notice it, other than me.

13. Have you been eating greasy food and chocolate?

14. That looks gross.

15. You must be PMSing. 

16. Have you tried Proactiv?

17. That’s what happens when you don’t take off your makeup properly.

18. You need to try some of this cream.