There are few things better to do with the Internet than scrolling through the creative portfolios of people who have dedicated their lives to the mastery of something. I love looking through the sites of wigmakers, jewelers, shoemakers, etc. to see what amazing things they can come up with. Sometimes the results are jaw-dropping, as is the case with Mathu Andersen, RuPaul‘s genius makeup artist.

When Andersen is not doing Ru’s makeup and busy with work, he’s still doing makeup. He uses his spare time to create crazy beautiful images like these.

I’m in awe of his skills, and also feeling a little bad about my ineptitude with liquid eyeliner.

The eyes are amazing, but just look at the skin in that picture.

This whole look is fantastic. He’s like Carmen Dell’Orefice with a beard.  I am definitely going to be following Mathu Andersen’s Instagram from now on, and I suggest everyone else do the same. He gives the best reason for doing so:

I like being that special thing that people can stumble upon and perhaps even get excited enough to share with others and I like to be left to my own devices and whimsy.

His Instagram is definitely a special thing to stumble upon, and you might lose a few hours to googling his work. There’s something really inspiring about someone who loves their job and their art so much that they do it for fun in their spare time. Next time I try to blend eyeshadow with my fingers, I’m going to have to be a lot more careful.

H/T Jezebel