In disturbing/confounding news, a UK woman is claiming that her ruptured implants are responsible for the death of her unborn child. Suzanne Ellis, who says she wants to “push for an investigation,” underwent the operation in a Manchester clinic in 2007. Six months later, her right breast began to swell and she became sick. In 2008, she suffered a miscarriage (or “preterm delivery”). Later, a scan would reveal that her implant had been leaking silicone into her body “for some time.” It was also revealed that her implants were the infamous PIP variety.

She says:

 “I had been ill for years when I found out my implants had ruptured leaking industrial silicone through my body. The silicone was supposed to be used in mattresses not humans. If it can make me so ill, I’ve no doubt what it did to my tiny defenseless baby. I think the poison in my body that made me so sick killed my baby. Nobody can say for sure if there is a link between my implants rupturing and Ivan dying, but I do know for sure that before I had PIP implants I was always well, and after having them I was always ill.”

Ellis is now convinced that the implants are responsible for the death of her unborn child. She is awaiting the removal of the faulty implants.

Part of us wants to say this sounds like a hoax–Ellis doesn’t seem to have any actual evidence and the Mail may not be the Sun but still. As for pregnancy complications arising from breast augmentation, we’re having trouble finding much of a link (there sure are a lot of plastic surgeons with websites who want to convince you there’s no risk, though). In any event, a woman losing her child is horrible.

(Daily Mail)