Grant Hazell has one of those weird-but-cool lives that deserves its own show on USA (characters welcome!) that will have an untimely demise because people still watch Burn Notice for like, no reason. This is because he is a cop — probably a hard-nosed one with a heart of gold — who moonlights as a Ryan Gosling lookalike.

35-year-old Hazell, a policeman in Perth, Australia, would get comments all the time regarding his likeness to the man so good looking, people literally protested over his lack of “Sexiest Man Alive” title. One woman, in fact, refused his denial of being the actor:

“She told me she had seen all my movies and that she was in love with me. When I said I wasn’t actually him, she didn’t believe me. It was a surreal conversation.

“He’s a cool guy and a great actor. It’s not a bad thing to look like one of Hollywood’s most wanted men.”

As a result, his wife Caroline decided to snap a couple shots of Officer Hottie and sent them to a talent agency who swiftly snatched him up. Now, he earns $320 an hour (an hour) impersonating Gosling, a job Hazell says isn’t actually that hard to do.

“I don’t find it hard impersonating him. I’m lucky that it comes quite naturally. I frown a lot which helps.”

I feel like this would help, given Mr. Goslin’s penchant for despondent stares.

But Hazell doesn’t let all the attention go to his head. In fact, his friends from work think the whole thing is “hilarious,” and have put up posters around the office comparing him to Gosling.

So, one question, Mr. Hazell:

really ridiculously good looking gif

Via Tumblr.

Answer: Totally. “People think I’m a heartthrob, but I’m not,” he says, and notes that he does chores like the rest of us mere mortals whose jawlines can’t cut through diamond. Plus, he’s been happily married to the beautiful Caroline for 13 years, with whom he has two adorable sons. In short, he’s just a regular guy who happens to be absurdly attractive. Solid.

[h/t Daily Mail]