Jennifer Garner and Julianne Moore arrive at the 2013 SAG Awards

Last night’s SAG Awards coverage was pretty easy for us, beauty-wise. Everyone either looked amazing in the face/hair department–Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway, Elisabeth Moss–or not so amazing in the face/hair department.

Ahead, the sleek blowouts, statement lips and one really, really bad wig of the 2013 SAG Awards…

Marion Cotillard SAG Awards

Best Beauty: Marion Cotillard, how lovely was she?

January Jones  SAG Awards worst hairWorst Pompadour: January Jones, oh my god. She ruined a very interesting dress with this silly, stupid pompadour, something that would make way more sense on Ke$ha or, dunno, a Pussycat Doll. Also, those harsh orange lips aren’t helping.

Busy Philipps Best Pompadour/Glow: Busy Philipps! She has a baby in her and her skin looks beautiful.

Jessica PareWorst Retro Experiment: Jessica Pare‘s look wouldn’t have been out of place in Liz & Dick… which is fine for Liz & Dick but not so fine on a red carpet in 2013.

Clea DuVall  SAG Awards beautyBest Retro Experiment: Clea DuVall did ’60s too, but a little more updated–and it really worked.

Lea Michele worst hair sag awardsWorst Hair: Speaking of experiments, Lea Michele‘s hair looked like a science one. Also, lip gloss! False eyelashes! Pink! She’s like an alien sent from outerspace to annoy us.

Elisabeth Moss SAG AwardsBest Eyes: Elisabeth Moss! Normally too much kohl transports us back to sixth grade (and its overabundance of black Wet’n Wild pencils) but Moss looked lovely, sophisticated, sexy, etc.

Rose Byrne Most Makeup: We think Rose Byrne is outrageously beautiful (and usually on the best dressed list) but everything about her look last night–including the stuffy, frumpy gown–flopped. Too much blush, too much lip, too much eye… worked in concert to create just too much.

Claire Danes

Best Trend: Well, she did it, didn’t she? Someone finally got talked into goth lips by their over-eager makeup artist and it worked. Claire Danes is just good at ’90s.

Anne HathawayBest Pixie: Maybe Anne Hathaway should stick with the short hair? It really, really suits her.

Nicole KidmanWorst Flatiron: Too much processing/styling/spraying/tightening left Nicole Kidman with limp, lifeless hair.

Jennifer Garner Best Hair: Alternatively, we have never wanted a celebrity’s hair more than Jennifer Garner‘s last night. There has to be a shitload of extensions in there, because Garner’s chestnut waves looked impossibly thick and bouncy.

Kaley CuocoWorst Wig: And no beauty look of the night bombed worse than Kaley Cuoco‘s ill-fitting wig.

(All photos via Getty)