One pet peeve among nail addicts is nail polishes that promise a chrome finish but end up delivering less-than-prismatic results. When we want chrome nails, we want proper chrome nails. That normally means we have to go to a salon to get a chrome finish manicure. However, more beauty brands are harnessing the holographic chrome finish from salons and incorporating it into polishes we can use at home. Sally Hansen is the latest beauty brand to get in on it with its upcoming Salon Chrome Kits ($20).

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Each kit contains a chrome powder, a special effect top coat and an applicator with a tiny makeup sponge-like brush head. To use the kit, you apply your desired nail polish then you use the applicator to apply the chrome powder on top of dry nails. To really make nails shine, continue with the special effect top coat and your usual nail top coat.

There are four kits for $20 each including trendy Rose Gold, Peacock (shimmering blue-purple), Mermaid (shimmering green-purple) and Gunmetal (shimmering grey).  There is also an exclusive Holographic kit to Target which will cost $30 and also include the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Black-y O and the Miracle Gel Top Coat.

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Want to try a DIY chrome manicure? The Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kits will launch in mid-August at Target and at in September.

The Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Nail Kits will launch in Mid-August.

(Photos: Sally Hansen)