Here’s what I wanted to say upon meeting Sally Hershberger in person at the opening of her new salon at the Ciel Spa in the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills: “I’m sorry about my hair.”

Is there any way to meet a veritable hair legend and feel that your own mane looks even remotely presentable? No.

Anyway, since I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, I didn’t say that, and instead asked for her predictions on Oscar hairstyles. Here they are:

  1. Anne Hathaway-style loose, flowing waves.
  2. Old Hollywood glamour, a la January Jones on “Mad Men.”
  3. Classic, elegant updos — “the modern take is a soft, sophisticated style that is still youthful and put-together,” she says.

Something tells me that Hershberger, who may very well be doing a few celebrity heads of hair for the event, knows what she’s talking about. Betting pool on hairstyles, anyone?