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We are constantly amazed at the references people use to come up with amazing hair colors. Just take a look at oil sick dye jobs, checkerboard hair and any hair colors involving slime. The latest hair color trend that’s blowing up on social media takes inspiration from sushi. More specifically, salmon sushi.

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Yup, salmon sushi hair is now a thing. It might sound a bit fishy, but the trend is actually stunning. Allure reported that the look was created by Los Angeles-based hair colorist Jessica Gonzalez whose client was after a flattering peach hair color to bring out her golden tan. So, Jessica mixed Pravana‘s Rose Gold hair dye with tones of orange, yellow and pink, and the result was the sushi-inspired look.

This is also what separates salmon sushi hair from other pink and salmon hair colors. The latter two tend to only have a dominant pink shade, but salmon sushi hair merges all of the colors together to create a prismatic look.

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As with the majority of rainbow hair colors, you’re going to need to start with a very, light bleached base to achieve the perfect salmon sushi look. And regular salon appointments will be required to keep your hair looking, erm, salmon-y.

And while salmon sushi hair might just be taking off, it’s never too early to think were this trend could go. There is potential to have a whole bento box full of sushi-inspired hair colors. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, we won’t be looking at our dragon roll the same.